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Do your aging parents need help? "When you recognize even one symptom that a parent is having

At La Vita Bella Home Health we are here to help. According to an article on usnews here are some signs that your aging parents need help. Contact us today to partner on a journey of contentment, knowing your loved one is in our caring hands. 505-346-1570.

  • Is forgetting things. Is he or she missing appointments or forgetting where the car is parked? This happens to everyone once in a while. If it’s chronic, it could signal cognitive change.

  • Has a car that’s dented, dinged or missing side mirrors. These can all indicate trouble driving.

  • Isn’t traveling anymore.

  • Has loose clothing.

  • Has spoiled food in the fridge.

  • Is withdrawing from activities.

  • Has a messy house.

  • Has an unkempt appearance. Poor hygiene may be a sign of cognition problems.

  • Holds onto furniture when walking around the house.

  • Has unexplained bruising. This is important because bruising can indicate falls due to balance and mobility problems.

  • Has unpaid or overpaid bills. It may be due to a loss of executive function from cognition changes.

  • Is not taking medications.

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